[News] Tablo's Tears at Stanford

Recently, at the end of MBC's "Special," a preview of "Tablo Goes to Stanford" was aired. Tablo was shown meeting up with his past acquaintances at Stanford University. Tablo also expressed his frustration as he tearfully said, "It's not that they don't believe me; they just don't want to believe me."

In a short clip of an interview, an individual claiming Tablo's education fraudulence stated, "It makes no sense to say he graduated from Stanford when he never enrolled in the first place." A glimpse of Tobias Wolff, who confirmed Tablo's Stanford attendance in writing, was also shown. Wolff is a renowned novelist who was Tablo's advisor during his undergraduate years.

Recently, netizens have filed a lawsuit against Tablo for document forgery, and representatives of Tablo have sued 22 netizens for slander. Suspicions regarding Tablo's citizenship have been rising lately as well.

Hopefully "Tablo Goes to Stanford" will mark the end of this nonsensical chaos. The special will be airing on October 1 at 22:55 KST.

Source: Nate
credits: soompi