[NEWS] T-ara Send Their Holiday Greetings To Fans!

Girl-group T-ara send out their holiday (Chuseok) greetings to their fans.

Newsen has recently conducted an interview with T-ara, in their Hanbok's (traditional Korean clothing).

After they have debuted, they were always busy even during the holidays. When they were asked what their plans were for the holidays, Soyeon said, "I want to go home." New leader Boram shares her thoughts, "I want see my parents, and talk to my younger sibling". While member Eunjung still had no plans, Hyomin says, "I want to see all my relatives. I go home late because of filming 'My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed Fox'. I wanna see my family and my younger sibling"

T-ara finishes the interview with their ending remarks to their fans,
"Have a fun holiday with your families! Please watch out for us in various Chuseok Specials on tv shows!"

T-ara is busy preparing for their comeback during this holiday. With their new member, they plan to show a new image.

Sources: Newsen, Nate
Translation: *YANiPOPO*@tiaradiadem