[News] SNSD's Gee played backwards... has a hidden meaning?

Do you know Backward Masking? Backward Masking is a recording technique that when a song is played backwards, it plays a hidden message. A example of this is Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven. Another example in Kpop sense would be a song in Seo Taeji's 3rd album that when played backwards, said messages of "I'm lacking in Blood" and messages about worshipping Satan. This was the reason he had to end promotion early.

Now this seems to have been found in SNSD's Gee as well. When 'Gee' is played backwards and played 20% slower, there are messages about various expressions on sexually related material. Adding onto this the main speaker at a conference claimed that many other popular songs also contain these unpleasant hidden messages when played backwards.

The singers themselves do not know of these messages, they were put in by the songwriters. He also said that some of Son Dambi's songs also contain these messages.

Netizens showed various reactions to this. Some said "It could've been used to attract attention to the song", "They must have just fit bad words to the jibberish that is played when song is player backwards" but some commented "Whether it was intentional or unintentional of the songwriter, this is a problem."

What are you opinions on this?

Source : Nate