[News] SNSD and 4minute in love with B`brown – But who is he?

Many top girl groups such as SNSD and 4minute has gone into supporting a rookie singer and has been garnering interest.

The singer is called B`brown, a rookie who recently joined the music market, with R&B ballad, where idol groups in their teens have already dominated. B`brown, whose warm and deeply appealing voice is impressive, have released a single album “Brown Coloured Love” and is now counting down to his debut.

In regards to this, SNSD and 4minute have given him a cheering message through online videos one after another, wishing for a successful debut.

SNSD introduced B`brown with their unique cute video, saying “Who’s B`brown, who appeared in the music scenes without anyone knowing?” “Don’t you already feel so sad by just hearing the song’s title?” 4minute, also with a bright and cheerful voice, showed their anticipation by saying “it’s extraordinary, even from the song’s title.” “the word has it that his voice is so sweet.”

Netizens have already showed their interests by commenting:
“Who’s the singer B`brown, who has already occupied the girl groups’ hearts?”
“The melody and voice matches so well with the atmosphere in autumn.”

B`brown has shown his determination by saying, “I feel very affectionate to my album, as it is my first album after more than 10 years of training. As much as I was cheered and supported by stars, I will be reborn as a R&B singer, following the footsteps of Kim Gun Mo, Lee Seung Chul and Bobby Kim, and show people what real ballad is.”

Check out his song , ' Brown Coloured Love'

Translated by : Lorah@dkpopnews.net
Credits : Reviewstar