[News] Se7en suffers humiliation because of the bath house floor?

Singer Se7en suffered humiliation while dancing.

On his first appearance on Happy Together 3, Singer Se7en showed off his cool dance from “Better Together” from a request by the hosts. After his performance, actor Jin ee han also showed his hidden dancing talents. Before he started dancing, Jin ee han changed to sneakers and put a hat down in the centre on the floor. After all preparation finished, Jin ee han showed his break dancing skills, leaving everyone in the studio in awe.

After the dance, the MCs asked Se7en to also show his dancing skills. Se7en stood up with confidence to show his break dancing skills also but because of the slippery bath house floor, he slipped and was humiliated, making everyone laugh.

Although Se7en tried to show that he was ok about it, sweat was dripping down his face and he looked flustered. Yoo Jae Suk who saw this, asked Se7en to dance again. This time round, Se7en showed some complicated moves without any glitches attracting such responses as “It is indeed Se7en!” and saved the situation.

This episode of Happy Together will be shown on the 2nd September at 11:15pm on KBS

News source: Newsen
translation: cecilia@clubse7en.wordpress.com