[News] SE7EN reveals he almost debuted as duo with RAIN.

Se7en recently revealed on Strong Heart , “I almost debuted in a duo group with Rain. YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk one day asked me if I would like to do a duet. He told me that there is a great kid trained by Park Jin Young. When I went to meet them, I saw Rain. We then had a dance battle to see who dances better.”

Before continuing his story, he added, “Park Jin Young sunbaenim in the past revealed through a broadcast show that Rain won the dance battle, which is why it resulted in Rain debuting first. Back then, I laughed on the inside.”

He then continued, “On my way back after the dance battle, Yang Hyun Suk told me, ‘Hey, you were way better.’ I then thought to myself, ‘I guess you always have to take the side of people close to you.’”

Fellow cast member Hong Kyung Min then asked him, “Who dances bettter: Park Jin Young or Yang Hyun Suk?” Se7en then filled the audience with laughter by making a pun, “I liked Yang Hyun Suk’s style of dance more. But Park Jin Young’s dance was a level higher. Yang Hyun Suk was just a ‘boy’, a boy as in Seo Taiji and the Boys.“

Credits : Asiaholics