[News] Nichkhun-Victoria "Certified" Strongest Couple

Nichkhun and Victoria had the highest record for the sit-ups section.

On the 18th, MBC's "We Got Married" (for the battle of the strongest couple), for a change in location, they sat on a bus to go to the seaside.

At the sports arena, after wearing their sports kits, the three couples met for the first time for a sit-ups competition.

They started with the men, and the time limit was one minute.

At the sidelines, Victoria did aegyo and shouted "Oppa hwaiting" at Nichkhun, inciting envy from the other couples; Gain also said it, only to receive big laughs.

When the game started, there was great contrast between Nichkhun's surprising speed and Jung Yonghwa's heavy breathing. Nichkhun won with having done 76 sit-ups in total.

When it came to the wives' round, it was a rare chance to see Gain do sit-ups, Jung Yonghwa schemed for Seohyun to win but was caught. In the end, Victoria won with 38 sit-ups done in one minute.

It was in this sit-ups competition that gave the KhunToria couple the nickname "Strongest Couple".

Reporter: Kim Hajin
Credit: TVDaily
Article: http://tvdaily.co.kr/read.php3?aid=128480104688469002

Translated by empired @ Wild2Day.org

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