[news] New singer Anna reveals debut album concept photo also hailed as Korea's Amuro Namie?

Rookie singer set to debut soon named "ANNA" has released the album concept photo of her debut album and first digital single "5 minutes" where the song will be released on the 10th of September.

Anna is well known for having a sexy and petite figure having a 22 inch waist and shows of an alluring sexy and luxurious image with her S-line figure.

She has received past recognition as well, she has been learning singing and dancing for 10 years now and she is said to be a powerful rookie to debut in the spotlight on the music industry with her singing and dancing skills.

Anna's agency said, "A teaser was released and shows the album jacket photo of Anna's debut single, Anna is reminiscent of Japan's Amuro Namie with her powerful and sexy vocal charisma and also with her impressive dancing and singing skills".

Meanwhile, her debut album will be revealed on the 10th of September and her debut performance will follow.

Source: mtoday
credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews