[News] Musical Rehearsal ‘Goong’

Korean drama ‘Goong’, adapted from a manga with the same title, was produced in 2006, it gained an immense popularity and was broadcast in Japan in the same year. Particularly, in July this year, it was re-broadcast on Japan Fuji TV and recorded rating that surpassed drama ‘IRIS’ that was broadcast at the same time, continued its deep-rooted popularity. Therefore despite it is being a Korean musical performance, the Japanese fans have no problem in understanding the story.

The 1st act of ‘Goong’ is Imperial wedding scene, the solemn atmosphere continued until the 2nd act where dance battle scene began in a quick development, caught the eyes of audiences. In addition, the use of brilliant LED with sensory-kind of video is very helpful and useful to understand the play.

credit: Sports Khan
trans: sharingyoochun.net