[News] MC Mong's fate already predicted two years ago by a psychic?

Nine years old at the time, psychic girl Lee Soh Bin appeared on 'Star King' in 2008 to display her psychic abilities. To MC Mong she had boldly stated, "You have committed a mortal sin. You've wronged many people so ask for forgiveness." To the unexpected prediction, MC Mong had replied, "I fought with my mother yesterday. Fighting with your mom isn't a mortal sin though." Without wavering, Lee Soh Bin repeated, "You have committed a mortal sin."

Due to the recent controversy regarding MC Mong's confirmed enlistment evasion, netizens have been unable to hide their shock at the predictions accuracy. The video's been spreading like a wild fire online, and viewers have commented, "It's giving me the chills. Nobody took it seriously at the time," "The prediction was correct," and "Good for her (for predicting correctly)."

Source: NAVER
credits: soompi

OMO! That's so CREEPY!! Oh-oh! Goosebumps! A nine-year old predicted that?????