[News] MC Mong's draft dodging news spreads to Australia

Recently, it has been confirmed that popular hip hop singer MC Mong has purposely removed a number of his perfectly normal teeth to avoid being conscripted into the military. An investigation has been carried out to examine these accusations as draft dodging is a serious crime in Korea.

South Korean Metropolitan police stated the following on the 10th of September, “Using three reasons, such as: applying for the grade 7 civil service exam, occupational training, and traveling overseas, MC Mong delayed his military enlistment 7 times between the years 1999 and 2006. During the two times he delayed his draft for his civil service exam application, he participated in the filming of a movie, released albums and participated in other activities.”

Because South Korea is known for it's ongoing use of conscription where all able-bodied men are to serve in the military for approximately two years, the news has had great impact.

Click here to see the Australian article.
This news about MC Mong dodging military enlistment has already spread through a few countries neighbouring Korea but what's surprising is that it has reached Australia as well. As I am from Australia myself, I would know that it's not usual for Korean news to travel this far and to appear on our news sources.

The singer denies the accusations but was evicted from TV programs soon after the police investigated the case. Celebrities are frequently caught attempting to get away from  the draft fearing that they may be forgotten by their fans while away in the army.