[News] MC Mong Edited Out From 1 Night 2 Days

The producers of the 1N2D corner on KBS 2TV’s show, "Happy Sunday", has decided to edit out MC Mong’s part of the show.

MC Mong is currently under a non-restraint charge for being suspected of avoiding his military service.

On the 12th, the producers of the show told Money Today’s Star News that after consideration of Korea’s sentiments on the issue, they have “edited out as much of MC Mong’s part as possible from the episode to air on the 12th.” They also mentioned that the normally 80 minute show has been cut down to 65 minutes.

As for the future of MC Mong’s participation in the show, the producers revealed that they will make that decision after discussing the issue a bit more.

In the mean time, the Seoul Police Office, currently investigating MC Mong’s suspected evasion of military service, has decided to serve MC Mong with a non-restraint charge. On the 11th, it was revealed that the police will soon be sending MC Mong to the prosecutor’s office.

The police have gathered a large amount of evidence while investigating MC Mong’s case and is planning on telling the prosecutor that this case may have to be taken to court.

source: soompi