[News] MBLAQ’s G.O & Seungho, First-Ever Blind Date, ‘Who are the beautiful ladies?

MBLAQ’s Seungho and G.O had their *first-ever blind date in the Mnet reality program “Kim Soo Ro’s Elite University Class.”
In this episode, Seungho and *G.O ranked first and second in Kim Soo Ro’s English test, and won the blind dates with the beautiful ladies. Both enjoyed the date.
G.O sang a pop song fabulously, and gave a favorable impression from the ladies, while showing off their impressive English skills from their intense training in the past.
Meanwhile, the ones who didn’t pass Kim Soo Ro’s score expectation– Mir, Cheondoong, and Lee Joon were disciplined.
In this day’s episode, the boys were tested after the two weeks worth of Spartan-like, in-dormitory training. Lee Joon’s score for Seoul National University entrance test is the most curious, because he was always last place, since he had the busiest schedule out of all the members.
Also, Season One’s leading lady Seo In Young will be part of the show with Kim Soo Ro, helping him send MBLAQ to Seoul National University together, and guiding the boys to success.
Kim Soo Ro and MBLAQ’s challenge to Seoul National University will air on September 2nd, at 11PM on Mnet.

source: kkhanh_x @ lj/mblaq
re-up: Natalia @ MBA