[News] The market doesn't care about Yedang's return with Park Jaebum

Yedang's Jay Effect... but the market doesn't care?

[Asia Economy Jeon Pilsu Journalist] Yedang Company will be entering the music market through 2PM's former leader Park Jaebum. However, the market seems lukewarm to such news. The worth of their stocks adjusted after the news was reported.

Yedang revealed on the 3rd that they will be releasing Park Jaebum's new album in Korea along with an Asia release, omitted information, can be found here.

After these plans were reported, Yedang's stocks actually dropped. Their stocks rose to 6.71% at 875 won moments before the release of their Jaebum related news. However, their stocks dropped within moments down to 820 won after the news release.

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