[News] Leeteuk Refers Again To Taeyeon Rumors

Recently Super Junior's Leeteuk and SNSD's Taeyeon were found to have worn similar accessories, which sparked rumors about a potential relationship between the two. Leeteuk has previously denied all of these rumors, but once again directly referred to them in this week's episode of "Star King".

In the episode, a fisherman by the name of Kim Hyun Bong was a contestant on the show for a second time. As the contestant entered, Leeteuk commented, "There were so many articles about you, there were a lot about me too", which were in regards to the articles of his supposed relationship with Taeyeon.

In response, MC Kang Ho Dong suspiciously questioned the statement with, "Celebrities usually try to hide rumors being spread about them, but why are you directly mentioning it?". Leeteuk humerously responded with, "It has been so long since articles were written about me!", which sent the studio into a burst of laughter.

Personally, I think joking about rumors is one of the best ways to help shut them down without coming off as being too hostile, so I think he has handled it really well. What do you think?

Source: Sports Today
credits: soompi