[NEWS] Lee Kikwang says, "Lee Nayoung is my ideal type

The issue has been catching attention as BEAST’s Lee Kikwang revealed his first love on ‘Hot Brothers’ which is a corner in the MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ program.

However it has been revealed that he had been just revealing how he was feeling doing the CF filming with the LG Tromm cf model Lee Nayoung.

Lee Kikwang stated, “After having fun dancing with Lee Nayoung noona, I was really sad when the CF filming ended. Nayoung noona really has a clean feel. She is very pretty. Honestly, she is my first love. I’m nervous.”

The 6 Motion Tromm CF clip with Lee Kikwang’s confession has been spreading around the internet and giving much sadness to the noonas. However, the cute dance that Lee Kikwang does for Lee Nayoung is currently shaking the hearts of many females.

Meanwhile, the interaction between Lee Nayoung and Lee Kikwang can be found on September 18th.