[News] Kim Yong Joon's reaction to his girlfriend Hwang Jung Eum's bed scene

Episode of SBS Giant aired on 31st had a bed scene between Hwang Jung Eum and Joo Sang Ook. After watching this, Kim Yong Joon (Hwang Jung Eun's boyfriend) uploaded a photo of himself on twitter with a comment, "s***".

Netizens who saw this photo most commented "This is Kim Yong Joon's funny side" and "As soon as I saw this photo, I couldn't stop laughing". However some commented said "This isn't polite to actors and actresses in the drama" and "I'm trying to watch this drama, but this photo is distracting me."

Kim Yong Joon, after seeing these comments explained "Don't get too hyped up. It was only a set up photo!"

Source : newsen