[News] KBS, teen drama 'Jungle Fish 2' changed to 9pm broadcast

For no apparent reason, the first broadcast of KBS teen drama 'Jungle Fish 2' was postponed to a different channel and timeslot. The broadcast was confirmed to be on October 21 at 9pm.

KBS said on the evening of the 29th, "KBS special 8-part teen drama 'Jungle Fish 2' will have its first broadcast on October 21 (Thurs) at 9pm on KBS 2TV".

'Jungle Fish 2' was originallly scheduled to air on the 25th at 5.10pm, the staff announced on the official home page one day before the broadcast on the 24th at 6pm, "The first broadcast of 'Jungle Fish 2' this Saturday (9/25) has been delayed, please correct the mistake".

When the broadcast was delayed, the producers announced on 'Jungle Fish 2' me2day, "The first broadcast has been postponed due to some internal affairs", "Unfortunately, we will reveal the exact broadcast date and time soon".

A KBS official stated, "A teen drama arranged at 9pm is an unconventional choice", "There is also a situation where 2TV ads have been moved".

The 8-episode 'Jungle Fish 2' revolves around a prestigious high school and the death of a beautiful female student. Six of her close elementary school classmates communicate through SNS (Social Network Service, e.g. Twitter, me2day, etc) in real-time to investigate the cause of her death.

In the process of investigating this death, the six lead characters face high school dropout, exam grade stress, pregnancy, bullying, and other anxieties faced by teenagers in their every day life will be portrayed.

SOURCE: Naver News