[News] Jay visited tanning salons and cosmetic surgery clinics

With his new solo career after withdrawing from 2PM, Jaebum is an issue maker that captures attention wherever he goes.

Omitted history of his return.

-> Because of his eyes, he's visited cosmetic surgery clinics.

Without a flaw, Jaebum possesses one of the clearest skins out of any female celebrity. Thanks to his genetics, he's able to give off a warm image but he claims that his white skin is actually poisonous to his image managing. "I like faces that look manly but I think I look too young. I went to a tanning shop about 50 times, hoping that a darker color will help give me some manly charms. Unfortunately, I became white again after 2 weeks."

To him, skin care is the talk of another world. "I wash my face and moisturize frequently but that's it. Isn't that definit?"

Then is his white skin problematic for him? "Actually no, my eyes are. I even visited cosmetic surgery clinics to consider double eyelid surgery. It's fun when I get tired and my eyes create double eyelids on their own. I think I look better with them too. I went to a clinic in 2006 during my trainee days but the doctor told me that I'd look worse. Even my friends told me not to do it. Still, I can't help but feel envious of double eyelids."

He's had his characteristic short hair since his debut in 2008 which has never changed. "Short hair looks better with hats and when I dance. I think it's better than long hair covering my face."

-> Dance is more important than insoles.

Insoles have become a necessity to many male idols, but to Jaebum, it's nothing more than an accessory. "I wore insoles sometimes when I went on TV programs because there were a lot of tall female celebrities and I looked shorter in comparison when they wore heels. Still, dancing is more important than wearing insoles."

With Jaebum pouring all of his 24 hours into his dance, it's vital for him to take care of his body. "There's a 24 hour training center in Seattle near my house. My arms are unusually long so it's hard making thick muscles. My thin legs are also something I pay extra attention to. As for my abs, I exercise about 40~50 minutes for them."

-> His closet is overflowing with underwear gifted by his fans.

Jaebum says that he's received an unending amount of underwear from his fans while he stayed in America, to the point where he no longer has to buy any more. Fans have been sending him everything he's needed through mail, the most being underwear. "How do I feel receiving underwear as a gift? It's something I need so I'm just very thankful."

On his fashion style, "I wear a clean t-shirt with cotton pants. It gives off a hip hop feel but it's comfortable as well. I don't have a brand that I favor and brand names are out of my interests. As long as it's pretty in my eyes, that's it. I don't care for accessories that much either but I like big, eye catching earrings."

He concluded with a bright smile while stating, "One of the differences between promoting with a group is that I can do my hair, outfits, and music however I want."

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