[News] Jay Park "I won't be avoiding the rumors surrounding my past. I'll be facing them head on. I have nothing to be afraid of."

A confident confession of his feelings.
"I won't be avoiding the rumors surrounding my past. I'll be facing them head on. I have nothing to be afraid of."

On the 31st, Park Jaebum met with Sports Korea for an interview with a confidence face. As if he's determined to tell everything, he expressed his feelings slowly but surely. 

"I'm not afraid of any rumors or hateful replies. If I was afraid of them, I wouldn't have returned. I'm trying to turn all that negative energy into something positive. Instead of hesitating, I'd rather just focus on how to pay back the love my fans have given me."

Throughout the hour long interview, Park Jaebum showed confidence the entire time. Even when sensitive questions were asked, he concluded all of his answers on his own despite the nervous looks given to him by his company representatives. He seemed to not care at all about the many rumors that have been surrounding him.

"Instead of avoiding them, I'm the type to just face them head on. I can't control the questions that are being asked about my past but I can think of it in a positive way and try to show them the good sides of me. Instead of going out of my way to bring back the past, I want to show them new sides of me." 

Park Jaebum also expressed his concerns about his image becoming too commercial which is why he's heavily thinking over the CF love calls he's been receiving. He plans to focus on being a singer for now with his Asia tour and to solidify his position as a 'solo' Park Jaebum. 

"A while ago, I read an article that said 'Count On Me' recorded so and so amount of money. It's not true at all. I have no intention of moving through just economic logic. It's a lot of pressure for me whenever the focus of my career is pinpointed on commercial aspects." 

He went on to state, "As I went through my hardships, it made me look around myself. I realized that I cannot do anything alone. I'm so glad that my fans respect my opinion and even go as far as to collect and donate rice to charity at my events instead of putting up congratulatory standing flowers. I, too, am discussing with my agency in donating my profits from music to charity." 

After completing the interview, Jaebum's face expression looked a tone brighter. His foot steps also seemed light, as if he had brushed off the weight from his shoulders. 

"I'm going on the plane to America at 6 PM." He gave a smile and added, "I miss my parents." 

While waiting for the elevator, fans flooded out of the offices around us with pens and papers. Jaebum's manager stepped forward and blocked them, excusing Jaebum by saying, "We're in a rush to the airport." 

However, Jaebum denied his manager's statement and carefully signed each autograph, even agreeing to hug requests. 

"I've realized how warming and precious the love of my fans are."

That was Jaebum's last greeting before the doors of the elevator closed.