[News] Jay interviews with Yahoo! Philippines blogger

By Charley Bautista-Braga
Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Korean-American singer, dancer, and actor Jay Park, also known as Jaebum formerly from the South Korean boyband 2PM, is on his way to conquering Korea, and the rest of the world. He’s had a rocky ride, but after eight months of filming the movie “Hype Nation,” he’s back for his K-Pop fans and feeling better and stronger than ever.

Jay shares his thoughts on his fans, his personal life, and the Philippines, where he’ll be stopping by for a fan meeting on October 3 at the SM Mall of Asia.

He was gracious enough to answer a few questions from the Yahoo! Philippines Answers community. Here’s what he had to say:

There are so many messages from fans to you on Twitter, do you read them all, or do you have someone else tweet for you?

Jay Park: Yes it’s really me. It’s my official Twitter account (@jaybumaom). While I’d like to answer what fans ask me, I really can’t all the time – there’s just so many. But I really try whenever I can.

What can Filipino fans expect from you during your fan meeting on October 3 in Manila?

JP: I’ll be performing my single “Demon,” and I have Filipino guys from Soul Real Crew who’ll be with me. They’re really excited about coming to the Philippines too.

What inspires you to write songs, do you go through some sort of process before you pen a song?

JP: No, I don’t go through a process. I just listen to a beat, and make it up on the spot.

People are curious about your dog’s name, Peatry. Why did you give your dog this name?

JP: Well I originally wanted to name him Homer from “The Simpsons,” but my brother decided on the name Peatry.

Your fans have played a big role in your comeback. Do you feel sometimes feel burdened or overwhelmed by their support? How do you want to pay them back?

JP: I’ve been thinking about that for a very long time. I want to connect with them, show them my thing. I want to be able to go back on stage for them, and perform well for them. I’ve really been thinking, “What can I do for them?”

Who is your “ideal girl”? People have said you like Scarlett Johanssen and Taylor Swift. What do you like most about them?

JP: Oh that Taylor Swift thing was kind of a joke. Although with Scarlett Johanssen, I like that even without any make-up, she still looks really natural. She looks like a person comfortable in her own skin, plus she has a really nice smile.

How do you feel about all this fan attention, especially from the girls?

JP: It’s overwhelming, really. But I’m also really thankful. I can’t believe that fans have been waiting for me for eight months, and coming back was just overwhelming. I really appreciate it, and I’m feeding off it.

What would be an alternative career for you, if you weren’t a performer?

JP: I’ve said in other interviews that I want to study animals. I love animals, and I would like to study animals in their natural habitat – you know, observe lions, alligators, and other wild animals.

Will your movie “Hype Nation” be released internationally?

JP: Yes, I think so.

Where is your home base now, in Korea or in the US?

JP: Right now it’s everywhere. I don’t have a specific place as I shuttle back and forth, but I enjoy all the different people I meet, all the interactions.

It was a pretty big deal for your fans when you shaved off half your hair. What was going through your mind while you were doing it?

JP: Oh yeah. Well I really want to do something out of the box. My fans know me as having long hair, but I wanted to do something different. I wanted for when people would see me, they would remember me for looking different.

What’s the most memorable present a fan has ever given you?

JP: Wow, you know it surprised me that I have fans of all ages. I was in a B-Boy battle in Canada, and there was a mom who was over 40 years old and she gave me a box full of meat. I ended up eating it all, and I was so touched that a person could go out of their way like that.

Is there a letter you’ve received that’s really touched you?

JP: Well, they’re all really touching to me. I don’t usually write back to the letters, but I want people to know that they really make me happy. There was one particular letter where someone sponsored a kid in Africa for me, and that was really touching. I ended up writing the kid a letter of encouragement.

So tell us, what would you most like to be remembered for?

JP: That’s a tough one but ultimately I would like to remembered as a great entertainer, and a really positive person who’s really good to family, friends and fans.

Do you have a message to fans in the Philippines?

JP: Aww, I can’t wait to go to the Philippines. I heard the food there is really really good. I really like Filipino food, and I love lumpia. So I’m looking forward to having a really great time there and putting out a great performance for the fans.

source: ph.yfittopostblog.com