[NEWS] Into the Fire will air in Japan!

‘Into The Fire‘, a film that TOP participated will be shown in Japan in February, 2011 and Kadokawa Pictures will be the company in charge.

With the background of Korean War, the film depicted how a total of 75 students with love and courage, conquered their difficulties ahead. The film was started by a mother reading a letter left by her 15-year-old son who had already died in the battlefield. When she started reading the letter sent by her deceased son, the story began to unfold. TOP took up the role of the students leader in the film and this is the first film that he has ever taken part in.

This action blockbuster has gained over 3,500,000 views in Korea after it has been shown in June of this year and it hit a box office of 28million US dollars.

Translated by: BIGBANG WORLD
Credits To:Breanna @ibigbang.wordpress.com