[News] "I want to act, I don’t like singing”- Hangeng

HE LEFT K-pop band Super Junior under unhappy circumstances, but China-born Han Geng has put the past behind him and is ready to move on.

Famous for his dance moves, Han is keen on breaking into movies as well.

Coughing continuously during the phone interview, Han said: ‘I have a cold. The weather’s been bad recently. I’ve been on medication and I hope to recover soon.’

Since releasing his latest album in late July, Han has not had time to rest. He has to constantly commute between China and Taiwan for promotional tours.

But such a hectic schedule is nothing new to Han, who spent seven years in South Korea making his mark in showbiz. He once worked a full year without any breaks or sick leave.

Han’s health may be suffering with his hectic schedule, but he remains mentally tough, persevering through his performances even while ill.

He said: ‘Once I’m on stage, I’m reborn. Once I throw myself into performing, I forget that I’m sick.’

Singing not the goal

Singing never appealed to Han, who has admittedly been in love with dancing since childhood.

‘I never liked singing. In fact, I was more interested in acting. It was only after I went to South Korea to develop my showbiz career that I picked up singing.’

In his fifth year in primary school, Han left his hometown in Heilongjiang for Beijing to focus on dancing.

He said: ‘From that moment, I knew I was different from other children my age. I was curious about many things and I knew I’d go on to do bigger things in the future.

‘But when I began classes, I realised it was really tough to train as a professional dancer. Back then, starting the day at 5am was par for the course. My longest record was practising dancing for 20 hours.’

If Han had not been talent-spotted after H.O.T. China Audition Casting, an audition that was hosted by Korean talent agency and label SM Entertainment, he believes he would just be a dance instructor or a performer today.

He said: ‘Had I stayed on in Beijing, I’d either be working in a dance troupe or teaching dance to others.’

Han said going solo has given him the personal space to pursue his interests.

He said: ‘I have more freedom to express my opinions. I felt stifled in the past. That’s why I’m more relaxed these days.

‘I hope to work in an environment where I’m happy and respected.’

Since Han went solo, there has been speculation that he commands at least US$10,000 (S$13,500) a hour. When asked to confirm this, he laughed and said: ‘That’s an exaggeration. But I must say the value of my work has gone up.’

During a press conference to promote his album in Taipei last month, Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong and Show Luo congratulated him via video recordings.

Chan said in his recording: ‘I know Geng to be a diligent and simple person.’

Of his friendship with Chan, Han said: ‘I came to know him through my work. But whether we get to work together in the future, it depends how well we connect from now till then.’

Chan’s endorsement may prove useful when Han moves on to his next pursuit – acting.

He said: ‘Although I made my name in singing, I would like to consider acting my next step in career development.

‘I can communicate well with directors. Besides, I wouldn’t take up roles that don’t interest me. But I’m most interested in gongfu or action roles.’

Source: The New Paper
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