[News] Hangeng holds fan-meeting at Ningbo. Fans show warm welcome.


Yesterday, China Mobile held its 2010 non-stop music event for Hangeng at Ningbo. Despite the on-going lawsuit with his previous company, there were no damage to Hangeng’s popularity, and the venue has just crazy. When asked about his impressions on the fans in Ningbo, Hangeng stated, “other than their enthusiasm, it’s their enthusiasm.”

Fans chases their idols all the way to Ningbo

Once the lights at the fan-meeting venue were switched off, the whole place was filled with cheers and claps. It was deafening. Even the security guards around the area had to use their hands to cover their ears to block out the sound.

The reporter also interviewed a few fans who were sitting beside her, and realised that most of the fans who have come to attend this fan-meeting come from Hangzhou and other countries further away. One bespectacled fan told the reporter that she has accompanied her friend to come, and her friend was a Hangeng supporter who has come from Shaoxing. The reporter noted that the girl’s friend kept looking at her watch, and the girl explained it was because she has bought the 8:45pm ticket back to Shaoxing, in which she has to endure a night ride back to Shaoxing.

“心疼你伤很深,心疼你的认真。” This is one sentence in the lyrics for Hangeng’s new song, and is also one of the sentences in a letter a fan from Hangzhou wrote to him. “I always admired his hard work.” This fan is a student, and she said she became a fan of Hangeng 3 years ago, and had specially gone to Beijing to see him perform. “At first, I thought he was really handsome, and after I found out more about him, plus since he debuted in Korea, this made me feel like he is a hard working person.” Worried that the reporter may somewhat feel turn off by her crazy tactics in chasing idols, the under-grad fan added: “Because he is so hard working, he is like a role model to us students.”

As for the idol-chasing tactics by the fans, when the host asked about Hangeng’s impression on the fans in Ningbo, Hangeng said: “Other than their enthusiasm, it’s still their enthusiasm.”

No progress in terms of contract termination lawsuit

Once the fan-meeting started, Hangeng sang the one of the song from his new album, , raising the atmosphere of the place. The Hangeng on stage since to give fans an impression that he was: Dynamic, handsome, and has almost everyone cheering for him with every move. However, 10 minutes later, when the reporter went back stage to find Hangeng, he gave a totally difference impression while on stage: quiet, and is very careful with his words.

There were many media reporters there who wanted to know more about the on-going lawsuit between Hangeng and South Korean Company SM Entertainment. When asked about the progress of the lawsuit, Hangeng did not avoid the question, but instead said that there isn’t any progress now, and has yet to sign on a new company, but has refused to elaborate further.

, an album released not long ago by Hangeng, is his first album after going solo. In order to produce what he calls as “everything to be put behind, and begin with a fresh start” album, Hangeng has flew to America and worked with a renowned dance group in America and also invited a few well-known composers in the Chinese industries to work with him. And as for the song, , Hangeng said it depicts everything that he has experienced in the 5 years.

In terms of his stardom for his solo career, Hangeng expressed that he will continue to work hard in his singing career, and will also release another album next year. Recently, he has been looking at scripts, and will also be busying himself in the acting industry, hoping to also direct his own films.

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