[News] Han Geng takes part in "I Want to Go to School" charity event

On the afternoon of September 15, the launching press conference for the “I’ll Participate, I’ll Support” event under the large-scale themed charity event for “2010 Music Radio Voice of Music ‘I Want to Go to School’ 1200 Student Aid Event” banner was held at Beijing’s The One Club. Han Geng, Zhang Jie, Li Xiao Yun, Sun Nan and her daughter made their appearance at the venue to show their love and support as the ambassadors for the event. Yu•Quan even sang their theme song 《Big Hand Small Hand》 live, which was specially composed for the activity. They called out to the community to pay more attention to the children’s development, and build the great wall of love together.

Voice of Music Sounded the Signal to Gather for Charity, Han Geng Voiced Up to Initiate Event

In 2010, Voices of Music, in conjunction with the China Children and Youth Foundation, started the “2010 Music Radio Voice of Music ‘I Want to Go to School’ 1200 Student Aid Event” together. They have identified the children in impoverished areas, and by using their media-attracting selves, they have called out to the society and social enterprises, and would be using the “one-to-one-helping” model in order to donate RMB1200 to each of the impoverished children as part of their three-year living aid. While showing their love, the donors can also communicate with the children that they are helping out through letters or visits. The care, support, and encouragement that would last for three years, would be accompanying the children so that they could have a happy and healthy childhood.

On the day of the press conference, Han Geng, as the ambassador for the event this year, called out to all the kind-hearted people and mass media that were present: “In China, there are still many children who are trapped in a life of impoverishment because of their family background. Let us all join hands and participate in the ‘Voices of Music – ‘I Want to Go to School’ 1200 Schooling Aid Event’!”

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