[News] Han Geng has the greatest fan presence

There are four more programmes before Han Geng appears on stage, (but) his fans have already crowded to the side of the T-shaped stage in order to get the best spot, hoping that they could interact closely with their idol.

Amongst all the fans of each of the celebrities, the amount of Han Geng’s fans “Gengfan” is the largest. From the very beginning they have placed the huge light boards that say “To deliver love and hope, protecting your dreams”, and large posters of Han Geng. “Gengfan” Wang Ruonan waved her lightstick around, which has a small yellow flag with the word “Geng” written on the lightstick. Yesterday, she intentionally rushed from Jingzhou to Xiangfan*.

She said that she has liked Han Geng for four years, and loves his kindness and resilience the most. “It really wasn’t easy for him to work in Korea alone,” she mentioned, and started crying because she was overwhelmed by her emotions.

Another member of the fanclub Cheng Xibei informed that there was a “mother-class” fan who hails from Hong Kong. She said that this fan who is around 45 years old is extremely fanatic (for Han Geng). She would almost always be at Han Geng’s concerts.

Amidst the ceaseless screams from the fans, Han Geng appeared under the spotlight clad in a white leather jacket. The fans’ passion and screams reaches the peak, and all the audience became high together.

* Jingzhou and Xiangfan are two different prefectures in Hubei; Jingzhou is the location of the fan’s home, and Xiangfan is the location where the event was held.

Source: news.163.com
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