[News] Han Geng attends the press conference for the 10th CCTV-MTV Music Awards

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The Launching Ceremony and Press Conference for the 10th CCTV-MTV Music Awards Ceremony Was Held, Attended by Han Geng and Feng Huang Chuan Qi

On 6th September 2010, the 10th CCTV-MTV Music Festival’s launching ceremony was held in Beijing. The press conference this time was hosted by CCTV’s pretty emcee Dong Liao and MTV’s popular newcomer Chen Zheng Feng, and involved the participation from the leaders of China Central Television (CNTV) and MTV Music Channel, along with representatives from the artists Han Geng and Feng Huang Chuan Qi. The invited guests pulled on the power poll together on stage, and lighted up everyone’s hopes for the ceremony that would be held at the Wukesong Stadium on the 18th of October.

Han Geng, Feng Huang Chuan Qi: It’s a great honour to be nominated

Feng Huang Chuan Qi and Han Geng, who appeared as the representatives for the artists (taking part in the awards ceremony), were both nominated for the first time on the CCTV-MTV awards ceremony. They stated that the awards ceremony held a great meaning for them, and being nominated was an honour for them aside from being a huge source of motivation. Facing off with the more experienced seniors who were also nominated, they admitted that the amount of stress they were having is not small, but it would serve as a platform for them to continue moving forward.

Specially created 19 different awards, deserving stars gather together

Since its inception in 1999 till now, the CCTV-MTV Music Awards ceremony not only started off the local awards ceremony’s trend, but also created the most valuable and most famous music brand. More importantly, it has witnessed the exceptional results of the Chinese music industry for the past ten years. As the largest and most representative music awards ceremony in China, this year’s ceremony would be handing out 19 awards, in order to reward those singers and musicians who have achieved excellent results in the Chinese music industry since the previous year’s music ceremony. At that time, many famous artists from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan would congregate in Beijing. Aside from that, mega starts from various places in Asia, and even the international stars would also attend the ceremony.

Viewer’s Choice Awards, revealing the most interesting moments

The awards for this year’s ceremony is divided into 3 different categories: Jury’s Review Awards, Viewer’s Choice Awards, and the Organizing Committee’s Awards. From the 8th of September, viewers can log on to CNTV’s website (www.cntv.cn) and MTV China’s website (www.mtvchina.com), or key in the nominated artist’s name and send a message to 10669999084 through their phones in order to vote for their favourite artist and song.

List of Nominees for the 2010 Awards Ceremony

Viewer’s Choice Awards

12. China’s Favourite Male Singer of the Year: Sun Nan, Wang Feng, Chen Kun, Huang Xiao Ming, Han Geng

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