[News] ‘Gumiho’ Shin Min Ah complains about her lack of sleep

Shin Min Ah left a message on her Me2Day on 30 August, saying “It’s been a while.. It was raining like crazy for a while and we had to spend every second and every minute with much care. We all forgot how to sleep, so much that we wonder when the last time we’ve slept was. Sleepy. Feels like standing in the middle of dream and reality, so to speak…"

Shin Min Ah seemed to be pressed with her schedule without any time to sleep, as she is busy with SBS’s new drama, “My Girlfriend is A Nine-Tailed Fox” (‘Gumiho’). She seemed to be in a situation where she couldn’t even express her fatigue, probably because the filming was delayed due to the rain.

Fans who visited Shin Min Ah’s me2day commented, “cheer up~ we are always here”, “take care while filming”, “it hurts me because you seem to be suffering quite a lot. There will be a good result”, etc, showing their support.

Source: Newsen
Trans: lorahpark@dkpopnews.net