[News] FT Island's Hongki has a life-sized female doll in his room?

FT Island revealed their story about receiving an unique gift.

While recently filming for KBS2 Star Golden Bell, FT Island was asked “have you received any unique gifts from your Japanese fans,” while talking about their Japanese promotions, and replied, “we’ve once got a life-sized female mannequin.”

Jonghun of FT Island explained, “I think they probably thought we were feeling lonely because we were overseas, but we didn’t know what to do with that doll,” bursting everyone into laughter.

Then Jonghun exposed, “the doll is in Hongki’s room at the moment,” making Hongki embarrassed. So Hongki explained, “I’ve only brushed its hair once,” making everyone laugh out loud.

Also, Jonghun and Seunghyun exposed, “when the members are in the shower, Hongki films it and blackmails us,” while photos of Hongki sleeping outside during their time of Japan promotions were revealed, setting the audience with laughter.

FT Island’s hilarious story about their Japanese promotions will be revealed on Star Golden Bell on the 9th, at 5:15 pm.

Credits : Lorah@dkpopnews.net
Source : Reviewstars