[News] First Korean hit ever on Billboard Hot 100, Meet The Wonder Girls

First Korean hit ever on Billboard Hot 100

The Wonder Girls are Sohee, Yubin, Sun, Yenny, and Lim, and they are one of the hottest groups around. Next month, these pop princesses, known for their cuteness as much as their pop music, sung in Korean, Chinese, and English, will appear at the Pivot Branding Conference in New York. Just listen to their hit song, "Nobody," and you'll see why this Asian group was the first in 30 years to hit the Billboard Hot 100. Their song, “Nobody,” was the first song by a Korean artist to ever enter the Billboard Hot 100.

Pivot Branding Conference

Just about anyone wanting to understand the style, attitudes, technologies, and preferences of the ever-so-important 18–34 year old consumer will make the trek to the Big Apple on October 18, and they'll hear J. Y. Park, the creator of The Wonder Girls, tell how he did it.

Pop Music Gone Global

The Wonder Girls are a perfect example of the kind of brand that fully engages the target age group and creates passion in their fans for their brand and their music.

Park is well-versed in what constitutes global entertainment. He's one of the most successful artists, producers, and entrepreneurs in Asia. Since 1994, he's released 7 #1 albums as a solo artist. As a producer, he's created 38 #1 songs in 6 countries.

He's the first Asian musician to produce music for top American artists like Will Smith. His company JYP Entertainment has discovered, trained, and released 14 #1 artists. Mr. Park definitely knows how to create the kind of music that's globally popular


The Wonder Girls are part of a musical genre called k-pop, or Korean pop. It comes as no surprise that k-pop grew enormously because of fans using the Internet and social media to spread the word. Viral marketing and promotion contributed to the growth in popularity by some major American acts like American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and the Jonas Brothers. Coincidentally, the same management company that handles the Jonas Brothers is also handling the Wonder Girls in the States.

They're performing live at the Pivot conference Monday night, October 18 at 8:00 p.m. ET. I couldn't verify the information, but I presume Pivot will be streaming the performance live so check prior to their scheduled time for details.

Catch their video and their live performance. Then, you can judge for yourself if they're the next big thing. Watch out though. Their music is the kind that sticks in your head, makes you dance to the beat, and smile at nothing.

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