[News] DNA Karam's a totally manly man

The Boss' Karam has revealed his interest and experience in mixed martial arts (known as K-1, originated in Japan).

When Karam met with Sports Chosun, he said "Truthfully for 6 months I have done K-1. I have a side that enjoys sports".

When asked about his skills he answered "Actually I'm not exceptionally skilled. It took 3 months to grasp the form, and another 3 months to perfect the punches".

Honestly, Karam has a pretty-boy appearance comparable to T-ara's Boram and DBSK's Hero Jaejoong. From his appearance, it's hard to believe that he has a manly side which enjoys exercise. He answered "Originally I like sports. In addition to mixed martial arts, I have been active as a soccer player at school."

His friend added "Even though Karam might look like a pretty-boy, he has a very masculine personality. Anyone who sees can tell he has a manly style."

The Boss is currently in the middle of 'Nobody, Anybody' promotions. Upcoming in the middle of this month is their advance to Japan.

T/N: Read about K-1 here. It sounds painful and dangerous :D

Translations: x3sarang@enchanteDNA.com
Source: silk781220@sportschosun.com + koyangi@enchanteDNA.com