[News] Dasom of SISTAR not wearing her underpants on stages?

Girl group SISTAR became the talk of the town as soon as they started their activities with their 2nd single, “Shady Girl”.

They became a big issue as the controversy of Dasom of Sistar not wearing her underpants has been amplified on various online sites.

On 27 August, while SISTAR made their comeback stages with “Shady Girl” on Music Bank, Music Core & Inkigayo, captured pictures of their exposed thigh, which didn’t seem to have underpants on, have spread at a great speed through online websites.

In regards to this, SISTAR’s agency, Starship Entertainment has spoken their point of view.

The agency said, “the main point of the dance for Shady Girl is a movement where you lift your leg up, and lots of people have said their black underpants don’t look good so we have changed it to pink underpants on the Inkigayo stage.”

Then they continued, “Because performing on a stage without underpants is impossible from a sensible point of view, it doesn’t seem like we need an extra explanation. But as they are girl groups, exposure issues are sensitive cases and we are worried that the members may be hurt, therefore we have made our views clear.”

In regards to this, some netizens doubt the agency, saying “they said they were wearing underpants but I can’t see them”, “I didn’t watch the show, but seeing the pictures, it really seems like they’re not wearing them”, and so on.

Moreover, they are pointing out the problems of girl groups, not only SISTAR, saying “not only SISTAR but most of the girl groups have lots of issues with their costumes.”

On the other hand, SISTAR is gaining popularity with their choreography for Shady Girl, and the song itself is doing very well on the top charts.

Credits : Lorah@dkpopnews.net
Source: MDToday