[News] 'Can't Nobody' Hold 2NE1 from Rising High on the Itunes Charts To Anyone is #2 on the Itunes

Though they are currently at #36 on the real time chart, our girls leaped 16 spots, likely from the momentum of their amazingly awesome performances last night on MUSIC BANK to rank #2 on the Itunes US Hip Hop albums chart.* They have also risen to 3rd place on Itunes Canada.

No you read it right, check for yourself Apple Online Album Chart. This is such an amazing feat for 2NE1. They are literally neck and neck with EMINEM for goodness sakes. Although I always KNEW 2NE1 had broad international appeal, to watch the meteoric rise of 2NE1's album is just nothing short of massively amazing. I simply cannot wait for the days and weeks to come and what other cool moments 2NE1 will give us.

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*Author's Note, we believe that the chart on the Apple site is the Daily chart; but its possible it may be ranking some other criteria? Either way, 2NE1 is indisputably #2.

Source: Apple Top 10 Hip Hop Albums 
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Article by tazanya @ ygladies.com