[News] Brave Brothers To Launch New Hip Hop Girl Group

Hit song writers, The Brave Brothers, are launching a new hip hop girl group.

The brothers revealed to Money Today Star News that they are currently overseeing the training of four girls, set to debut early next year as a hip hop group. Representing their label, Brave Sound, the group will be called “Brave Girls”. They are said to have a bright and refreshing image with overflowing charisma strong enough to set them apart from other groups in the same genre. The Brave Brothers are confident that these girls will present something new to the industry.

For those not familiar with the Brave Brothers, they’ve written hit songs for DJ DOC, SISTAR, Lee Seung-gi, and Jo Sung-mo, just to name a few, in this year alone. They’re currently promoting their recently released first self-titled regular album.

Source:KBS World
cr: The Kpop Nation