[News] Baker King actor booked on drunk driving, assaulting an officer

One of the actors of KBS’s hit drama Baker King Kim Tak-gu, 28-year-old Park Yong-jin, has been booked without detention on the charge of refusing to take a sobriety test and assaulting a police officer. Park plays Go Jae-bok in the drama, pictured above right.

The actual event occurred last month, according to the police department; at 7:40 am on August 18, Park was caught for running a traffic light. He attempted to escape, but was followed by the police officer, who pulled him over after a 2 km chase. The officer smelled alcohol on him, but Park refused to comply with a sobriety test. He followed that with abusive language and violence, “tearing the officer’s clothing,” and was also charged with obstructing an officer in the execution of his duties. According to the police rep, Park’s driver’s license is expected to be revoked soon.

What does this mean for Park as an actor? According to a press release by the Baker King Kim Tak-gu production put out on September 6, they have not yet been able to confirm the truth of these claims. One source with the drama said that if it turns out to be true, they will consider Park’s departure from the drama. “Currently we have not been able to make contact with him. If it turns out to be true, we will discuss whether he will leave.”

(You may recall a recent incident wherein actor Choi Chul-ho was caught on camera hitting a woman, which he first denied and then admitted to after footage was released. Choi left the drama he was working on at the time, Dong Yi, supposedly of his own volition (though one can’t help but wonder how much of it was decided by producers). Park may face a similar fate here.)

Another source said that Park Yong-jin has already filmed his scenes and wouldn’t be featured anymore anyway. However, the fact that producers have held meetings to decide whether to keep him on suggests that the issue isn’t as simple as that.

Via News Hankuk, TV Report, E Daily

credits: DramaBeans