[News] 4Minutes, T-ARA, Secret, Rainbow, Girl group Hanbok fashion show!

Girl group 4minute, T-ARA, Secret, Rainbow etc... will open a hanbok fashion show.

On the coming 19th on MBC TV 'Flower Bouquet', the girl groups have come for the Chuseok special and 'Miss Harvest Competition'. On this day, the girls took off their stage with sexiness and each person had opened a fashion show.

In the recording, 4Minute, T-ARA, Secret, Rainbow, and SISTAR, around 36 people have participated and have opened a spark for the place of 'Miss Festival'.

The one and only 'Miss Harvest' was selected through criteria such as Hanbok fashion show, common sense quiz, Wrestling.

You can find out the hero of 'Miss Harvest' through 'Flower Bouquet' on the coming 19th at 4:10pm.

Source: Nate News
Translations: suniizerlove@Prismatic7