[News] 20 Idols Sang 'G20 Campaign Song'


20 Popular idol singers, such as SNSD and Super Junior, became a voice for 'G20 Conference'.

They sang a 'Let's Go' campaign song for '2010 Seoul G20 Conference', which will be held at
Seoul Samsungdong COEX at November 11~12th.
20 idol singers, who are Park Gyuri (KARA), Seohyun (SNSD), Junsu (2PM), Changmin (2AM),
Jaekyung (Rainbow), Jonghyun (Shinee), Sungmin (Super Junior), Kahi (After School), Luna
(f(x)), Song Jieun (SECRET), Yong Junhyung (BEAST), Heo Gayoon (4 Minute), Min (Miss A),
G.O. (MBLAQ), BumKey (Twins), G.Na, Son Dambi, Seo Ingook, IU, and Anna.

Dance song 'Let's Go', which is composed by a famous composer Shinsadong Horangee,
contained a message to youths in Korea, which became the nation to lead G20 conference
for the first time, to have a pride and challenge the world.
It was judged that the combination of idol stars who are popular in both Korea and other
Asian nations and a strong message of campaign song match together well.

At 24th~25th, individual recordings were conducted. All singers gathered together
and sang in a studio located Seoul Gangnamgu Nohnhyungdong at 26th.

'Let's Go' will be revealed at the beginning of 10th.
The process of recording by representative idol stars will be made as a music video.

Source:Daily Sports
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