[NEWS] 101920 [Hot! Debut Diary] Teen Top L.Joe ① "Remember about Teen Top's L.Joe more than Lee Byunghun please"

"It's TEEN TOP mischievous rapper L.Joe"

Teen Top's L.Joe who stands out with his blonde hair made us feel like he was a handsome boy coming out from a manhwa.
In America he was called 'Joe', so L.Joe added his Korean last name 'Lee' to make his name.
When we asked what was his real name L.Joe replied by smiling shyly: "My real name is the same as the Hallyu star Lee Byunghun"
After hearing the uncommon name 'Lee Byunghun' we thought that it wasn't a name that we could forget easily.
When we asked if there was some episodes regarding is name he said that because of his real name 'Lee Byunghun': "When people heard my name once they don't forget it and remember it so it's a good thing but they always ask me if it's my real name"
Now at the company, L.Joe still remember a friend that watch the preliminary round of Lotte World public audition with and that he cheered for. At the preliminary round place he met this friend, they introduced themselves and greeted each other, this friend's name was 'Park Jinyoung'.
L.Joe who's in the present company said to give some support to his friend: "Lee Byunghun who does rap and Park Jinyoung who sings'. But in the end this friend was sadly eliminated at the qualifying round. The rapper Lee Byunghun moved to the finals, on the final stage he won the prize and he became a Teen Top's member.
L.Joe said: ' For 5 years people called me L.Joe a lot but now it seems that people remember my real name Lee Byunghun even more'
After becoming a Teen Top member, his family emigrated when he was on elementary school so he spent his middle school days in America, and we were curious about 'Teen Top Lee Byunghun''s singer debut.

Source : www.asiae.co.kr
Credit : Garlic Jumper
Translation: BGSS2Maknae@6ToT