[NEWS] 100915 [Hot! Debut Diary] Teen Top C.A.P ③ "A big frustration about a special relationship with Song Seunghun"

If we count people who gave him strenght to become today's C.A.P, there's this man that he called "Seonsaengnim", he's Keebe, the rapper under the hip-hop label who also has Over And Under: Soul Company.
"As I was repeatitively practicing I couldn't see any progress, so I felt my limit and got into a slump, but one day I met Keebe seonsaengnim. Seonsaengnim liked rap since his childhood so he knew well my feelings about overcoming adolescence."
But when Keebe met C.A.P for the first time he told him this "If you get discouraged because you're skills don't improve then don't rap". Seeing that C.A.P tried to rap while he didn't know how to feel the rythm and the emotions he gave him this harsh advice. When he heard these words he was hurt but after meeting Keebe he got out of the slump.
C.A.P said: "If Keebe seonsaengnim sees 10 people and rap, only these 10 people will hear it, if he sees 100 people, 100 people will hear it" and "He said that I always had to be open-minded to rap." and declared: "Meeting Keebe was the luckiest thing that happened to me, that's someone that I'll never forget".
After his debut, his best meeting was to perform with his idol from his childhood Song Seunghun. On "SBS 'Kim Jungeun's Chocolate' I was offered to do a joint stage with Song Seunghun sunbae. It wasn't a performance with all the members but only with me, of course I was nervous to get on stage but since I always liked Song Seunghun sunbaenim I practiced all night to do a cool performance"(laugh)
C.A.P who 'was so nervous for this meeting that he was really frustrated about that day' said: "I came on stage with Song Seunghun sunbaenim but because I was really nervous I couldn't even show half of the performance I worked for so when I came down I was frustrated"(laugh)
He wanted to do as good as the performance he dreamt of from when he was young but it wasn't as good as he prepared it, and the ones who encouraged and cheered up C.A.P who was really sad and frustrated about his performance were the members. 'It was a performance that was really disappointing but then I realized again how much my members were precious' that's what C.A.P, the one who felt his responsabilities as a 18 years old leader, said.
Source: Asia Economy Daily
Translation: BGSS2Maknae@6ToT