[MESSAGE] 100920 Mika's Message

Title: This is Mika!!^^

It's been a long time, everyone T.T

I missed you guys!!

We arrived at Japan

At I can't concentrate easily because of our busy schedules T.T

Are you guys doing well??

Are you living well without us?? keke

It was a joke T.T

You have to be well!!

Don't worry because we're doing good here!!

Take a good care of your health!!

Since you want us to show a 'better' shape of us by hard-working,

Don't catch a cold!!

Please wait!!

I love you!

あえたえてす [T/N: I miss you, in Japanese. But it's supposed to be ai-tai-de-su not ae-tae-tesu)

Source: Official Fancafe
Translation: dianapetrina@enchanteDNA.com