[Info] ZE:A Junyoung and Dongjun for 2010 SKONO Fashion Show, In Taiwan

During August, after ZE:A came to Taiwan to receive the Taiwan Tourism Ambassador awards, coming from Norway the shirt branding that received lots of Korean star's love, SKONO. Thinking that ZE:A has most popularity in Taiwan, they again requested ZE:A 's leader Junyoung and Youngest Dongjun to come on the 9/9 (Thursday) 2:30PM, to attend the first SKONO fashion show in Taiwan. On that day,not only will they be displaying SKONO 2010 new autumn-winter collections, but also at the same time requested ZE:A's Junyoung and Dongjun to model for the clothes.

[ZE:A's Junyoung and Dongjun's schedule]

9/8 18:30 KE693 plane flight to Taiwan
9/9 13:00 Reached SKONO's new shop, ready for shop's opening. Welcome for fans to participate, there will be ZE:A's poster with Junyoung and Dongjun's signature
9/9 14:30 Reached SKONO Fashion show
9/9 18:10 Depart to Singapore in SQ879 flight

Credit: In The Playground + crack @ empirechildren for translations