[Info] Composer Jae Chong regarding JYJ Come Back News

From SYC admin:

If you see, Jae Chong referred to this news by asiae which we posted here that is said false. And as you can read as well, in that news, there is only a mention about someone named Kim Hyungseok, and none of the talking about Kanye West nor Rodney Jerkins that are mentioned in another news by OSEN we translated ourselves here (ironically, in the news mentioned about West and Jerkins, no one said about Hyungseok ^^;;;).

Well, but if you refer back to Jae Chong old blog entry we posted before, he did reckon the involve of Kanye West (and Timbaland, but he’s nowhere to be seen in both news). So probably this ‘someone’ Jae Chong said “…. but someone wants all the credit” should refer to Kim Hyungseok here.

Personally I’m sided with second news by OSEN–however, as probably Jae Chong already said, it’s wiser to wait for JYJ company to reveal everything in the end (and I believe it won’t take so long to see how all these rumors have been spreading like wildfire).

credit: jae chong’s twitter+jae cong’s FB
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