[DKP Announcement] To our dear Readers !

Dear Readers,

We would like to apologize for the late updates.Since almost all of our authors are still young and attending school/college/university , updates may come a little late.So i hope readers would understand and continue to support us.After all , education is important and we are juggling posting,classes,homework, important exams(Most of us will be sitting for it in October & almost a lot of our staffs are on hiatus for their exams in Oct). We would try our best to update the site as soon as possible when we could squeeze in some time from classes(for college and uni). Morning would be quite a problem as most of us will be in class.If you're interested to help us, go to our join us tab and send us an email !

Our main purpose is to provide and share Kpop news to readers and we would continue to do so, we aren't asking for anything back.We are contented with what we have achieved and it is all thanks to our dear readers who supported us.We would also continue to improve and satisfy as much of your kpop cravings !

Thank you for your understanding !

Cheers ~ From the staff's of DKP .