[Cyworld] Kyuhyun's Japan Travel Log, "I want to take picture with people wearing kimonos in Japan"

On my way back, I rode on the 'Yurikamomae (ゆりかもめ )' which looked like a monorail that computer drives without a driver which Tokyo has introduced for the first time~
Also, on my way back to the place I was staying..
I was passing by Starbucks and saw women that were wearing 'kimonos (着物)' and enjoying their coffee

I really wanted take a picture with people who were wearing kimonos in Japan
I was disappointed as I couldn't find anyone wearing them Now I found them by accident!
It was weird to ask people who were drinking coffee to take a picture with me
I contemplated it for 5 minutes...Finally I decided to do it
I went there, asked them to take a picture with me and they gladly accepted~~^^
I was able to go back to my lodging and fall asleep feeling very good ㅎ.ㅎ

Hmm... anyway those clothes are kimonos right..?

Source: Kyuhyun Cyworld
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

..If you are wondering when was this picture was taken... read his latest tweet about his post.


Finally I've completed the third day of my perilous Japan travel log ...It's a great travel log that has been drawn out for 6 months

Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

And yes.. this was taken a year ago during his trip to Japan.. and finally he was able to finish the 3rd part of his Japan travel log even if it took him 6months.. at least he was able to finished it right? So diligent boy!

Here's the previous travel log about his 3rd day in Japan..


This place is my personal interest in Odaiba.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari*!!!

When I was in Japan I really wanted to go to a hot spring.
But because of the short amount of travel time I couldn’t go to each city’s famous hot springs but to compensate I’m here at a big hot spring~
My personal interest is Odaiba.

Firstly, I picked a yukata that suited me~

And then enjoyed a bath in the hot spring~

It felt just like a public sauna but there is a bath outside and I was craving for a hot spring and now I’m very happy.

I went inside and felt like I went back in time to the Edo Dynasty.
In order to fill my hunger from walking around here and there I decided to eat ramen!
After eating the delicious food I dipped my feet in what I think was like a foot bath? Anyway after walking all the way around the very fantastic place I ended with a foot bath.

There were lots of Japanese people and I wanted to make a memory (so there were so boys?) I played with them enthusiastically and talked to their parents with my fluent Japanese skills. kekeke

With some swagger I took lots of photos here and there with people and had a very satisfying time! I really recommend it!

*Info about the onsen (hot spring) he went to http://www.ooedoonse…igaeri/english/

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