[Audio] Beige feat. SJ's Ryeowook "Falling in love with a Friend" released!

Just a few minutes ago, the song by female singer Beige featuring Super Junior's Ryeowook "Falling in Love with a Friend" releases! This is the first duet performed by both singers together.

You can listen to the full song on the links provided from official music sites.
We won't post a Youtube version of it yet. Please support their song by listening online on these music sites.

Thank you.

Melon - http://www.melon.com/svc/studio/album_info.jsp?p_albumId=1030179&MAIN=MAIN_NA

- http://music.bugs.co.kr/album/239670?wl_ref=new_ab

- http://www.dosirak.com/ArtistDetail/f_Artist_info.asp?artist_id=80088775

- http://www.soribada.com/ # / Music / Album /? TID = KD0002625

Mnet - http://music.mnet.com/ArtistAlbum/AlbumInfo.asp?AlbumID=203014&AlbumView=Y

Thanks @ for the links.