[Article] Regarding the Suspension of the 3 Members’ Activities in Japan

An article from a Japanese Blog

I believe many have been surprised with the evening news.
The dome concert was a great success, and finally, we thought that we were able to see the light, so we are so sorry to hear the news.

We knew that there were arguments on Max and Chiba’s twitter for many days.
I think..it seems a little bit late…but, Avex should have put their foot down regarding the issues.
It is the same as the announcement of the suspension of Tohoshinki’s activities, they have not disbanded, they have not quit their activities in Japan for the rest of their lives, it is just “a suspension”…
We are all used to wait, so if we hold hands, everything will be OK\(~o~)/
Well, the high walls come by one after another…
Oh, we could just overcome the difficulties.

The saddest of all should be the members themselves.
We fans should not cry, not complain. Let’s just wait together, feeling their pure love, which they gave us at the dome♪
We fans are the ones who could create the most emotional bridge for them.
During the difficult days, they smiled their lovely smiles, and showed us wonderful stages, even during the a-nation, which was boiling hot.
With those wonderful memories, I myself can go on living for a while^^
So, everyone, genchyana, genchyana (T/N: no problem)

Let’s cheer with all our might to the members who will be active in other countriesO(≧▽≦)O
We are living under the same sky~(^-^*))。。。

(few sentences omitted)

No problem. He conquers who endures~
After all these, they will not get defeated!
They, whom we love so much, are not that weak.
Even though they are stepped on, criticized, they will stand up again like weeds.
As they always have done…and will also do in the future, too.

And everyone.
You all are ~ so strong. (T/N: there were many supportive comments written by the blog followers at the timing the blogger was writing the edit part)
What happened to all of you? (Lol)
Nobody is writing negative comments.
Amazing~~I’m the one who was encouraged the most.
Thank you very much.
I want to send all your comments to them~(^-^*))。。。
Only our family members can be like this! (Lol)

When we all hold hands, we will not fall down.
We will not be beaten.

There are news flowing out from Korea.
Please do not believe in all the written contents.
There were articles saying “they can never be active in Japan in the future”.
It is a matter of common practice that some of them make a federal case out of small facts.

Everyone, “Keep your love in your heart” “He can who believes he can.”
Let’s believe and love them together, hand in hand.

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