47th [News] Daejong Film Festival - Nominees & Viewing Tour


Date: 2010.10.29 (Friday)
Location: Kyung Hee University, Peace Hall

Left - Postman to Heaven: Starring Jaejoong (TVXQ) and more
Right - NINETEEN: Starring TOP & Seungri (Big Bang) and more

Left - A Good Rain Knows: Starring Jung Woo-sung and more
Right - Good Morning, Mr President: Starring Jang Dong-gun and more

Left - Triangle: Starring Ahn Jae-wook and more
Right - Emergency: Starring Kim Bum and more

Left - Rabbit and Lizard/Maybe: Starring Jang Hyuk and more
Right - The Executioner: Starring Yoon Kye Sang and more

Left - The Relation of Face, Mind and Love: Starring Kang Ji-hwan and more
Right - Secret Reunion/Blood Brothers: Starring Kang Dong-won and more

I'm Happy: Starring Hyun Bin and more

*There are 111 nominations in total.
**These are only nominations. We are unable to confirm if the cast will attend the awards or if the nominated works will win the awards.

Source: [Hanryu Concert]
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