[Video/Pictures] G.NA’s True Singing Voice Is Revealed On Chin Chin Radio

Earlier last week, Cube Entertainment solo singer, G.NA, was a guest on MBC’s Chin Chin Radio show. As G.NA sang her latest single, her true voice was revealed and took the crew by surprise.
While singing live on the radio, one of the Chin Chin Radio crew members recorded a video of G.NA while she sang her single, I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better. Since G.NA wore headphones during the song, the only thing that could be heard in the video was G.NA’s true voice. As soon as the video hit the net, fans were amazed by the singer’s true talent. “I got goosebumps listening to her…her voice is so strong & beautiful!” a fan said after watching the clip.

G.NA also sang a cover of J.ae’s Like Yesterday.


 Check out some of the pictures G.NA took with the Orange Caramel girls and the Chin Chin MC himself, Noh HongChul

Video: GNASuperstarVideos@youtube.com
Written by wonderwonders@kpoplive.com

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