[Video/News] 2PM' Junho & Chansung, U-Kiss' Kevin and Miss A's Min Danced to HyunA's CHANGE!

The newly established Variety show entitled: "Bouquet" has been garnering a lot of interests as several of their guest artists have been making controversial renditions of Kim HyunA's solo hit - CHANGE, as if making this activity a routine for the show. Secret's Zinger has also been a hot issue for showing her super hyped version of HyunA's pelvic dance.

Recently, the floor has been given to the show's new set of guests which are Miss A and U-Kiss. Miss A's Min was able to make her own version of the dance and showed her flexibility through her sexy movements. On the other hand, U-Kiss' representative was the known "Angelic-Lady-like" member of the group which is Kevin. He performed the dance exaggeratedly that made his co-members and even himself embarrassed in the end.

Well, if you think that that ends it, you're mistaken! For even the considered "the Hottest Boy Band" in Korea, 2PM, also showed interest on HyunA's infamous song and dance as 2 of their members, known as Chansung and Junsu, surprised HyunA by showing off their awesome skills on dancing Change at the popular Korean TV Show known as"Strong Heart." 

Even though the promotion for this song has already ended for a long time now, it is still evident that its popularity has not faded yet - true and yet enough to have HyunA considered as a hitmaker in the KPOP industry. 

You can watch the epic videos here:

Source: Kpoplive and 4-minute girls tumblr account
Reporting + Editing: ashleylovesasia@4-minute.com 

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