[video] SISTAR's Bora falls hard during a performance

SISTAR performed "Shady Girl" on the 28th of August at the " Jamsil Lets Start Sharing Concert".

On this concert, it was raining hard and it was an outdoor concert and with the rain, the stage got unavoidably wet. SHINee who also performed on the concert also had an accident, Onew tripped during their "Lucifer" performance however, it was nothing major and he was able to perform back and laugh it off, Bora of SISTAR however, was not so lucky.

She was wearing heels, and at one point she fell face down on the floor with a very big thud, the other three members continued to perform, perhaps hoping she was going to be okay and get back up but, Bora fell very hard and and the other three had to stop performing to see if she was okay.

It looks like she hurt her arm pretty badly and the organizers had to rush to her and she was seen limping and carried back stage.

Let's hope she's okay because she fell really bad.

Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews + thericardomontez @ Youtube